Anonymous asked: That's great about no FBI there for his family visits! Finally something positive for Dzhokhar. Maybe the judge is beginning to see how horribly one sided this whole thing is, or maybe he already knew (of course he did) and someone higher up told him to lighten up a bit. Finally Dzhokhar, for the first time since this nightmare began, will be able to have a normal conversation with his family, which will be a great relief for him. I hope his sisters will visit him as often as possible.

I know but some of the media didn’t get it 100% right. The judge doesn’t see a security issue with it but since of course the prosecution objects the judge said he would wait 2 weeks to make his final ruling on the issue but at least he’s leaning towards the defenses request so its not official yet…they want the BOP to weigh in before a final decision is rendered.